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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Edible things

Here is one of this summer's many pies, this one a cherry pie for Canada Day (which will have maple leaves next year-- I have since bought the appropriate cookie cutter). It was my first cherry pie, and taught me that hulling cherries is pretty annoying, but the pie was delicious. Thank you Farmer's Market for the freshness. This summer we also had strawberry rhubarb pie, peach pie, raspberry pie, blueberry pie and apple (of course). It has been a very delicious summer. My pastry continues to be amazing.

Also featured here is Harriet's first birthday cake, which was supposed to look like a ladybug and turned out rather successfully. It was also delicious, unfortunately Harriet couldn't eat it as it was loaded with artificial colour. She liked her more natural banana cupcake plenty, however, and has definitely been turned on to refined sugar. Because she is human.

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