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Monday, December 29, 2008

December knitting

My most exciting project lately has been growing a baby, and this seems to have been going well for the past nineteen weeks. On Wednesday we'll discover whether I'm growing a boy or a girl, which is very exciting. Also to see those kicking feet again, and get some kind of sense that this is real.

Below is the baby's blanket, knit from a recipe in Stitch and Bitch using "granite" tri-coloured Mission Falls wool. I spent $50.00 buying the wool, only to realize that I'd only bought half what I needed, and I need to get some more of the stuff, but none of the knitting stores I went to had any of the tri-coloured left. There's time though, as the baby won't be born until May. And this blanket-so-far is quite significant, different than everything else that I've ever created, in that it has absolutely not one mistake. Yet.

Next up are the booties I've made for our friends' Steve and Carolyn's baby. Project was a little more urgent as wee Spud is due in March, and so I whipped these up as an in-utero Zmas gift. This is my third or fourth time making these, and I never fail to be overwhelmed by their adorableness at completion. How amazing to contemplate a real live baby-to-be whose tiny feet will fit these.

And finally, I had to knit this rather furtively so Stuart wouldn't have his Christmas morning spoiled. Not that the hot water bottle was the highlight of his pickings this year, but still, I didn't want him to know. So I told him I was knitting a sweater for the cat, and though he didn't believe me (I am quite outspoken about my loathing for animals in clothes), I sure confused him plenty. This was a last minute project, knit from scraps in my basket, which is why the front and back of the cozy don't match. But it looks quite cool, actually, and is somewhat brought together by the snazzy matching buttons. I am proud of this, and it was most well received.

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  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger Rachel Power said…

    I LOVE those little shoes. Very adorable. How do you do all that you seem to fit in to your life?!

  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger Suko said…

    The booties are real cuties!


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