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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A blanket for my almost-nephew

For the past while, I've been knitting this blanket for my friend Britt's baby, who is due at the beginning of December. I bought the wool before I knew he was a boy, thereby causing him to be one so that the colour would not be inappropriate. I didn't use a pattern, therefore the blanket is not *quite* as wide as it should be, plus I think one half comes from a different dye lot than the first. But I didn't make any fundamental mistakes, all stitches are sound, and the frame is a seed stitch that looks all right. I am quite happy with it, and it should keep this winter baby nice and warm one he arrives (unless he is unusually wide, in which case it will keep part of him warm). But nevertheless, yes, knit with love. I can't wait to welcome my first almost-nephew!



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