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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A sweater for Harriet

I knit Harriet a sweater! It's from the Debbie Bliss Baby and Toddler Knits book, and I've been working on it since last autumn. Seeing as I only knit whilst watching TV and that I hardly ever watch TV, this is not bad progress. We have Mad Men Season 1, Midsomer Murders weekly and a few movies borrowed from the library to thank for this project.

Naturally, this sweater was knit with the wrong size wool AND needles, using cheap polyester wool I had around the house. Considering all this, it turned out surprisingly well. I messed up the collar though-- there were supposed to be two buttons on the shoulder but I ended up with the second buttonhole on the wrong side of the sweater, hmmm.

I'm pretty proud of myself though, and the sweater is cute, even if it makes Harriet look like a boy (according to the waiter at the restaurant we were just at). I will not make her wear it after today, as she has clothes that are cuter and far less wonky. I expect in a few years it will have been relegated to the doll clothes pile, but still-- go, me!

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