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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've not been making cats lately. but I did find this one asleep on my baby's change table, on top of Baby's going home outfit, no less. This is my part-time cat, belongs to our next door neighbours, and she likes to sleep curled up in inappropriate places. I've also never posted a photo of a cat on a blog before, and thought this represented an ideal opportunity. Mostly because from this photo you can see that I've been busy preparing for baby, who actually has clothes, books, toys, and a changing pad. And also the stack of reusable wipes in the lower right hand corner-- I sewed them myself!! I learned how to thread my sewing machine, how to wind a bobbin (well enough for it to function, though not quite correctly) and made these wipes out of towel and an old shirt. Stuart helped cut out the pieces. And I'm pleased with them, pleased that learning how to sew might not be an impossibility, though I don't actually think that I like it that much. Sewing is not a multi-task, is it? But still a skill I'd like to acquire.

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