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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Post-Season Round-Up

My major knitting project this winter was not so major as my "major project" this winter was finishing the manuscript of my novel and it's finished... until revisions begin in September. So there was no sweater, but I also know enough to know how terrible my body looks in knitwear-- I learned that the hard way with a poncho, and that was a lot of effort for nil. Maybe next year. I did knit a blanket for my friend Lynda who is expecting un bebe in June. I just need to tie up the ends and send if off to California. And for the last while I've been knitting up squares with ends tangled up in my knitting basket, and I've just sewn them together. I intend this patchwork to be a lifelong project, and I think it's pretty cool thus far.

Coming up: new Pickle Me This Press Book this summer with limited circulation, though copies of "I Wish My Enemies Were Russians" are still available.

Please note I still have yet to successfully bake a chocolate cake.

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