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Monday, October 18, 2004

Shumi shumi shumi

Hobbying has been on the backburner of late, as I have been tremendously lazy, had a massive attitude problem that resulted in my lying on the sofa staring at the ceiling and despairing my existence and I have been a bit busy applying for graduate school, though not busy enough to be any real excuse.

The scarf is coming along beautifully however and will not be long finished. It will be long and warm, and the weather is getting cool enough to warrant this. I have received a pattern for mittens which seems a bit ambitious for my skills but I am going to give it a try. I also was introduced to Craft Central in Sannomiya. It's eight floors high, one of which is devoted entirely to wool and so I am envisioning an interesting project of some sort when the mittens and the scarf are all finished.

Business Kevin is nearly at 50,000 words. He's now in a relationship with a man called Gary even though he isn't really gay, and he's about to have an affair with his former stepmother. I absolutely love it.

No haiku progress, though I did write a new one. My current project is figuring out how exactly Eri and I are going to construct this book, especially in the land of no photocopy shops.
In pickling news, there is pickling news! I have a pickling sensai at work- she once made pickles for all of the teachers and is my inspiration. Anyway I told her about my tragic pickling results, and indeed they were tragic. Today she brought in a jar of instant pickling vinegar, another of plain vinegar so I can add my own sugar and salt, and a small jar of pickled onions she had made herself. She said she wants me to be a success. Unfortunately I forgot the goods at work tonight, but that doesn't mean I appreciate it any less.

In yoga news, I still can't do the crane pose.

And wedding news? We designed our invitations and made a lovely site here.


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