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Saturday, October 02, 2004

We're Number One!

Congratulations to everyone here at Ever Projecting! We're now the number one site listed when one googles "Knitting", "Pickles" and "Haiku". Add "Margaret Drabble" and we're actually the only site listed! This is what we've been working for all this time, and it's a tremendous honour to finally be recognised for our singularity.

It's a tense time at Pickle Me This as we count down to the pickle deadline. Things have been more positive of late, as there has been less noticeable shrivelling in the past few days but the scum forming on the bottom of the jars doesn't bode well for greatness. We're not giving up hope yet. Until Monday.

In haiku news, Eri and I have been communicating, via my Heidi Girl of the Alps Stationary no less. Apparently she is excited about the haiku project and we may discuss it more tomorrow night, as she should be at the same barbeque as I am. I think we're going to get started in December after my trip to Thailand.

In Business Kevin news, his format has been changed in Microsoft Word to that of an actual novel in terms of words per page, margins and lay-out. This boosted my long blase attitude toward Kevin et al, and now he's broken up with Amanda, and about to have an affair with his former stepmother who is in an unhappy marriage to the heir to an American discount retail empire. His name is Jack Stock. Kevin's at 42, 600 words.

My scarf is getting quite long and I bought a second load of yarn on the weekend but they had only one orange left. I want to finish it up and start with mittens.

Otherwise now doing graduate school applications and my portfolio.

Coming soon: Now Doing... My Wedding! The Project of the Year. And something new at Now Reading.


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