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Monday, September 13, 2004

Business Kevin

Business Kevin is the novel I have been writing for a year now. Kevin is a character concocted from the collective mind of Stuart and I when we once took the train to Lancashire and sat across from a pimply kid in a suit. He was sitting with an older man in a suit who we assumed to be a boss of some kind, and they proceed to analyse graphs and numbers on a laptop computer for two hours. What a desparate way to spend an afternoon, and we vowed to never become him and Stuart named him Business Kevin. This character morphed with a similarly aged boy in a suit who took the Yellow Bus line with me in Nottingham from Sherwood Rise into town. He was the best dressed boy in town, but we realised wore his suit into town on a Saturday which meant he probably worked at Car Phone Warehouse and that was terrible. Anyway, Kevin developed a host of imaginary associates including his paraplegic porn star father Frankie, his mother Delores who is the lesbian owner of a garden centre and his girlfriend, the Diana Princess of Wales devotee Amanda Almond. Kevin grows slowly. He is just about 40 000 words long and had a long hiatus while I went through a summertime non-fiction obsession. However he has just lost his virginity, Princess Diana is just about to die, and so things are really really getting good.


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