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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hobby Countdown- five, four, three, two one!

After a long break from hobbying, I've jumped back on the horse. The hobby horse. Ha ha. First, we're getting wedding part 2 organised, which is much less stressful than wedding part 1 was but still involves lots of crafty business. We made party favours and table tags today. I also have to get some sort of confectionary on the table in my colour scheme and this requires a burst of brilliance in the next day or so. Second, after lots of talking about it, the haiku book is evolving! I downloaded a desktop publisher program called Ragtime Solo and it's excellent. Most of the layout is done, and now I need to scan the Japanese text and then add that to the layout, which will involve lots of fiddling. My plan is to sew the bindings myself, which isn't going to be easy but will have a professional result. I'm hoping to have the run of 50 finished by Thanksgiving (Canadian one), and then the desiring public will be able to buy a copy. Third, I have begun to make notes toward a series of poetry that will be based on "Tigers and Other Large Game" by AE Stewart, a fabulous guide to hunting in India. Fourth, once my knitting needles arrive, and then I am moved into my new apartment where knitting paraphenalia can be properly sorted, I am going to knit a pair of socks. I am thrilled to be back in the company of such knits gurus as Erin Smith, who can advise me and go wool shopping with me. Also looking forward to the crafting inspiration of wunderkind Carolyn Brown. I absolutely can't wait until Toronto. And fifth, though it doesn't really count, I am busy watching the two DVDs of EastEnders my mother-in-law recorded for me and sent across the sea. I absolutely love that show.


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