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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lately I've Been Thinking

Lots of hobbying of late. I've put the finishing touches on one short story, and begun and complete another in the last week. I've also written a new poem, "I Wish My Enemies Were Russians." As well, my novel has gone over 60,000 words and I'm now stranded in the final chapter with an aim to finish in the next two weeks. And then will begin a major process of rewrites and analysis. My haiku book remains in the works but I'm not sure when it's going to happen. Perhaps will have to wait until I'm home again.
In knitting news, I've nearly completed the first of a pair of legwarmers for me- bigger than the last pair which I had to give to a wee friend. And after being lost on the mail for three weeks, my Noro laptop bag got to Canada and was felted by Erin. It will get back to me when Canada Post decides it should. I've also found out a coworker is having a baby, which means another project in the works though I haven't decided what it will be.
Further hobbies, I've been a bit lax at yoga and French and elephant training just isn't in the cards these days. We've also got to get the ball rolling on our wedding project.


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