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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hobby Recap

I quit yoga because it was boring me out of my tree. Stuart and I have joined the gym instead as I am starting put on weight. My gym regime (sitting on a stationary bicycle reading a magazine) has never been famous for weight removal but I am enjoying it.

I have written three short stories this last while, "Good Intentions", "The Secret Shopper" and "Things Happen." I have an idea for another, but I am focussing on my novel for the time being. I am attacking it from the inside out and am on a roll at the moment. It hit 70 000 words tonight and it's getting better all the time. No progress on the haiku. I am going to make it this summer. I'll certainly have the free time. I have an idea for a very interesting story for a local magazine and am pursuing it at the moment.

I knit a small bag for my mini-disc player out of the wool leftover from my laptop bag. It's not so great, as I made it sans pattern and didn't have enough wool so had to finish it with cheap acrylic wool the last three rows. This is why I'll never go pro. I haven't sewn the seams. I did find a ball of Rowan Chunky wool leftover from my poncho (which does look awful on me by the way). I don't know what to make from that (April doesn't really inspire woolen inspiration) but something will come.

In wedding news, the invitation bits are all cut and ready to be glued. Envelopes have to be addressed. Our aim is to get them out this weekend but that feels ambitious.


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